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Connecting FileZilla, Site Manager and More

👤 🕔 December 29, 2013 0

FileZilla Free DownloadConnecting to an FTP server is fast and easy. It may look complex at first but rest assured that FileZilla prepares it in the simplest way that even first time users are capable of handling it correctly. Before the actual steps to connect FileZilla to a server, one should see to it that FileZilla Client is already installed in your computer to make sure that you can instantly start on the first step.

Guides to Connect to Server

FileZilla makes sure that all the steps are made user friendly to guarantee successful connection towards the server. However, we strongly advise that careful attention to details is a must to avoid any incorrect procedure or skip a single step that may lead to repetition of the whole process and encounter unnecessary errors. Now, let’s go ahead and get familiarized with these useful steps so that you can successfully connect to server again every time you need it.

  • First and foremost, you are provided with necessary boxes make sure to fill in each box with the correct information. Each box corresponds to a specific data like the username, password, the host and the port number. Make sure not to interchange any of the information. For example, username should be supplied in the username box not to the host or to another box. Also, if you know the port number supply it to the right box otherwise leave it blank.
  • Next you need to hit the “Quickconnect” button once.
  • Now if the screen prompted you commands like FTPS or  SFTP you need to enter the data like this; ftps://hostname and sftp://hostname.
  • Now, FileZilla will try to connect you to the FTP server. You can now see the list of available directories on the right part of the screen.

Now were done connecting to the FTP server. As you can see simple and easy guides are provided to make sure that you can successfully connect to the server. Let’s proceed to the next guide, this time we’ll try to transfer file efficiently.

Transferring Files

Transferring files in FileZilla is easy. Just a simple tip you should navigate and get familiar with the different functions and labels of the whole window to make sure that you can perform the steps quickly.

Uploading Files

  • See to it that you know exactly the location and the filename of the data that you want to transfer or upload.
  • Second, simply “right click” on the correct file that you want to upload and then strike the “Upload” button once. Or you may also use the drag and drop option by following this step. Choose the right file that you want to transfer and drag it from the “local site” which is found in the upper left side of the window to the “remote site” which is found in the upper right side of the view.
  • Finally, you will notice that the newly added file will be found at  last part of the file and sooner will be removed but it is just uploaded to the server and later you’ll see that it is already displayed on the list of directories.

Downloading Files

Downloading of files in FileZilla is easier than it is uploaded. It is like the reverse of the whole uploading process but simpler.  You just drag the file from the remote pane to the local tab to download the directory or the file to your computer.

Now, we’re done with connecting to server and transferring of files, let’s go and understand another helpful tool, the site manager. Let’s go ahead and walk through with these simple steps that you will surely enjoy.

The SiteManager

SiteManager is the storage tool of FileZilla Client where users can stock their information. It is simple to add another server to the SiteManager simply follow these guides.

  • First select “current connection” to sitemanager from the file menu.
  • Next, the sitemanager will be opened and new entries will be highlighted on the list.
  • Then, if you wish to change the name of the new entry you can simply edit it.
  • Lastly click the “OK” button to close the dialog box.

Using the sitemanager is convenient so the next time you want to connect to the FTP server you just choose the right server and connect it instantly.


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