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FileZilla vs. Fetch

👤 🕔 July 14, 2014 0

FTP or formally known as the File Transfer Protocol is now widely used to make users online life easy with bulk and large computer file transfer through the use of Internet, or from one host to another. So who uses FTP most of the time? FTP is typically used by people who tend to transfer large amount of files, people such as photographers and designers. FTP is not commonly used by students, in fact not all have heard about this. However, if you are familiar with what is FTP and how it works, you will surely be interested to use it. The question now is, what is the best FTP solution out there? There are 2 popular FTP’s that are commonly used and these are the FileZilla FTP solution and the Fetch. If you are a newbie, you might get confused and wonder which of the two is way better?

Fetch solution is widely used only to people who uses Mac. The good thing about this solution is its compatibility to almost all Internet providers. This is possible mainly because Fetch supports not only FTP but as well as the sFTP. This is also user friendly; its interface is not too complicated and not too technical. It simply appeals to novice users because it comes with easy to manage dashboard and widgets! Fetch may be impressive, but others claimed FileZilla is still the best. One appealing feature of FileZilla is it comes for free! If no payments or charges; don’t you think it’s a nice software to try? Aside from being free, FileZilla download supports FTP platform, the sFTP and the FTPS. In addition, FileZilla can be used by almost everyone. It is not limited to Mac users or a specific OS. FileZilla welcomes everybody from Windows, Mac OS, Linux and more.

If you’re not speaking English and you’re not comfortable using it in English language, FileZilla is still commendable. It comes in many different languages and of course, it is very powerful. It supports the transfer of files more than 4GB. So if you weigh things out, what better FTP solution to use other than FileZilla? Now, let’s compare the 2 solutions. You won’t regret downloading FileZilla for it comes with a lot of bug fixes. This simply means developers of this software works hard to cater the needs of its users, continuously improves it and keep it high end. Minor changes may be noticed from time to time however it does not affect your project or files at all. Developers simply want to give users the best. Which do you think is way better? Both are great however it is undeniable that FileZilla can bring a lot of things into the table as compared to Fetch. So download FileZilla now and enjoy the easy and comfort it brings when you are working on large file size projects.

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