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Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy completely. Privacy policy is always on our site’s topmost priority. This is our sites own way of securing the protection of our end users private information that was trusted to us. This is our brief details of information that our visitor should be aware of every time they visit our site. Our team firmly believes that apart from excellent presentation of our site we see to it that our user’s privacy is also managed appropriately. Privacy policy is the set of rules and conditions set by our site to provide awareness to our customer about the information and things that they should act in our site. This privacy policy is indeed our user’s protection from any untoward activities that may involve their personal identification.


Security of Information


Securing our end user’s personal information is our great responsibility. Our site sees to it that all the information that we obtain from our visitors are voluntarily requested. All the personal data that we collected is purely safeguarded with highest security. Our site assures our entire visitor’s that only authorized personnel are allowed to utilize any personal information if it is necessarily needed. And it will never be used in any kind and form especially sharing it publicly.


Users Choice


Our site is usually collecting or requesting information from our end users. This information is often used to reach them every time we send an updates or respond to their queries and questions. However, we make sure that any information that we obtain from our visitors are according to their free will or voluntarily given to us. Our site ensures not a single personal data is forcedly required from them. All the data that they provided are purely optional. But again, we guarantee all our visitors of proper safekeeping of their information.


Use of Personal Information


In the event that our site needs to reach our user for new updates as well as daily newsletters and response to their concerns we make sure that we safely use the personal information that we asks from our visitor. Any personal data that is used to send electronic mail to the users are carefully encrypted to make sure that it will reach the right person without any leakage of information. We certainly guarantee that the use of personal information is purely between our end user and our site.


Collected Personal Information


When the site collected important data from our user we see to it that it will be purely utilize for business purposes privately. We may send newsletters and daily updates to make sure that our visitors will never be left behind in our advancements. The usual information that we obtain from our users are the complete name, residential address, complete permanent address, even business address, age, birthdates, zip codes and most importantly contact information such as email address, telephone and mobile numbers.


Disclosure Agreement


This agreement confirms that you are fully aware about the policy set in our site. Our team mainly concluded that navigation of our site including utilization of its features and download of software by our end users simply means that they fully understand and agree with the expectation set by our site.